Aeropuerto de Lima


Juliette and I are holed up at Starbucks at the Lima airport, awaiting our flight out to Cusco. We are stealing steeling ourselves for the possibility of a mean case of soroche (altitude sickness), as the city is at 3326 meters (10,912 ft). I find it fascinating that there is a specific word for this here, as there was none in Mexico. I guess a country that has so many high places needs it.  As we say goodbye (for now) to Lima, we have been remarking on the incredible kindness of everyone we have met here. It is really striking, from the hospitality of Ricardo, Joaquin and Julio to the helpful actions of just about everyone on the street, one can’t help but feel grateful.

Just in case they are reading this, Juliette says “hi” to her mum and dad. See you all in Cusco.


  1. Kelly says:

    Photos are wonderful!
    Are you going to go see Machu Picchu at some point?

  2. Daniel says:

    I miss Peru!!
    It is “lomo saltado”… I am glad you are enyoing. Peru is like my second home.

  3. Stephen says:

    Everyone’s a (spelling) critic!

  4. Juliette's Mum and Dad says:

    Great photos. Can’t believe J will stop being veggie unless it’s a case of becoming like the remains under the church in Lima. Hope you’re both enjoying Cusco and not suffering too much from altitude sickness.
    Good job Vicki didn’t meet the shoe man- she’d have thumped him!
    lots of love.