First impressions of Lima, Peru


– I find it quite shocking that a city so close to the equator and sea level can be so cold. It was grey and overcast and misty yesterday and today, and apparently is exactly like this from May or June all the way to late November. The suicide rate must be quite high.

– It is a surprisingly easy city to get around in. Taxis are everywhere and as we learn to negotiate with them they are getting cheaper. But it is also easy to walk and there seem to be an abundance of buses.

– The people here have been very nice and very helpful, often without being asked. I couldn’t help but contrast this with Mexico, where no one ever goes out of their way to offer any help whatsoever. Here people have been always kind and volunteer much information and service.

– While we haven’t yet seen the historic center (sticking today as we have to San Isidro, Miraflores and Barranco), I have to say that most of the architecture of Lima seems fairly charmless. There are some cute buildings near to where we are staying however, and even the ugly stuff has an overall a scale that is not unpleasant. Overall, the streets are clean with nice sidewalks and planting all around, which makes strolling them quite pleasant despite the lack of beautiful building.

– I can’t believe how easy it was to get a Yellow Fever vaccination here.


  1. karin reusch says:

    siempre moviendo la colita?
    Alli estuve hace 20 anios. Te vacunas tan rapido como te contagias de otra cosa.
    Si podes, pasa por nazca, arequipa y quizas a pie à machu pichu.
    te mando un beso enorme y te deseo un super viaje