So this is what working is like


Through an odd set of coincidences, I have had quite a bit of work fall in my lap while here in NYC. I have spent the better part of the last week building and setting up two websites, and configuring a home office network and new computer. I wasn’t looking for work at all , but I can sure use the cash. It has been interesting, especially with the website programming, to be cast back into that headspace. It is quite a different place to be than where I have been over the past 2 years. Not completely unpleasant either, there is a small satisfaction in figuring out these types of things and synthesizing a solution. The trick is not to get flustered when stuck, and not to let these things stress you out. More and more, it seems to me that when I do return to the land of the working, I should aim for these types of finite contracts. They will allow me to remain more present and outside of the long term stresses that large office politics can produce. Then again, contracting has its own set of hassles, not the least of which is the administration and money chasing. In any event, if I can make it as breezy and fun as the last couple of weeks, it will definitely be worth it. And it will leave me time to write and blog and work on other projects. And not have to wear a suit or have a fixed schedule or location.

Although ideally, I would still want this job