I’m here, where are you?


I had a lunch meeting setup with my client/friend Roland today. He asked me if I knew the restaurant called “Hell’s Kitchen” on 9th ave, and I responded that I did, having passed it several times in the past few weeks here on a couple of my walks. I got to the restaurant about 5 minutes early and got a table and waited. And waited. At about a quarter past the hour I figured something had come up, so I sent Roland a text message saying “Are you coming to Hell’s Kitchen?”. About a minute later came the reply “I am at Hell’s Kitchen.” I looked around the restaurant but didn’t see him, so I sent a message back saying “I am”, and then called him a minute later. It turns out that there are TWO restaurants with the name “Hell’s Kitchen”, and both are on 9th Ave. One is at 47th and the other at 39th.

So if you have a date in Constantinople, he’ll be waiting in Istambul.


  1. peeky says:

    You have a lot of excuses lately. How’s your old waiter friend you accused of theft?

  2. Gabe says:


    Common issue with Hell’s Kitchen, acsh. This has caused me heartburn on more than one occasion.

    In another example:

    A couple of days ago I invited some friends to a Korean restaurant at ’32/Broadway’ (how i wrote it in my text). Given that Koreatown is known to be at 32nd St and Broadway, and I always use x or / to denote intersections (the absence of either means an address) – I figured we’d be ok.

    Two of the guests were from out of town. One asked me if I meant 32 Broadway (or 32nd street and broadway); the other one didn’t. :) R called me from the financial district saying “where is 32 Broadway?” before we realized the error of our ways.

    Let the record show, it only takes 10 minutes by taxi from downtown to 32/broadway without traffic. Who Knew? :)