My friends drink me under the table


When out for dinner and drinks with Johnny, Kevin and Jim last night. Johnny and Jim I met in San Francisco many, many years ago, and Kevin (Johnny’s partner) I met here through Johnny just about 7 years ago. Johnny is one of those people I have a soft spot for, and I always look forward to seeing him when I come to NYC. We started out the night at a really decent French restaurant called Lucien, and then made an informal tour of  gay bars in the EV (East Village. Suddenly everyone abbreviates every neighborhood in the city instead of actually naming them. I attribute this to the influence of brevity in IM conversations on the net. See? I did it again.)  I was surprised to note how quickly everyone was downing drink (after drink) compared to me. Had I suddenly turned into a lightweight, or is the frenetic pace of life in the big city turning my friends into binge drinkers? Or is it something else, a blip not to be generalized into a trend?


  1. peeky says:

    Like most Jews, you will never be an Olympic caliber boozehound.

  2. Kelly says: