Roughly? 10 hours.


That is how long it took me door to door. It was a bit of an experiment, flying into White Plains. It was the cheapest way to get here from Indianapolis though. So let’s see Indianapolis to Atlanta for a 2.5 hour layover, Atlanta to White Plains, about an hour wait for the bus from the airport to the railway station (they only run once an hour and I just missed the previous one), express train to Grand Central, S and then A train to Penn Station, and a three (long) block walk here. Total cost: about 139 dollars and a splitting headache.


  1. Gabe says:

    Note to you (and anyone else who’s reading):

    NYC has 3 airports: EWR, LGA and JFK.
    There are also 4 proximate commercial airports: ISP (Islip, Long Island), HPN (White Plains, Westchester), SWF (Stewart), PHL (Philadelphia).

    Those 4 airports are *not* well served for direct, efficient connections to NYC. They are all over an hour away (2 hrs normally) and poorly connected to the (otherwise solid) NJTransit, Metro-North and LIRR.

    Do not fly there if you’re coming to the 5 boroughs. It’s not like Europe where the nearby airports figure it out and run shuttle service directly to the big city. It’s almost as if a giant, multi-billion dollar corporation *didn’t* want you to get there from here.

    Oh. :)


  2. Stephen says:

    My dear Gabe…you of all people should know that sometimes it is just about the journey, and trying something new.

    Now that I have tried it, however, I can safely put away the desire to do it again. :)

  3. Josh says:

    I’ve flown in to ISP and found it to be a pleasant airport, but have to agree with Gabe that it’s not worth the trouble. Maybe it would be at a peak travel time in the winter, when stacked up schedules cause delays at LGA.