Cookies and sweat and shiny objects


Not much to report from the past few days, but here is a short list:

– Hung out with my friends Blake and Danny while Blake prepared his cookie entries to be judged for the state fair. I found the entire process fascinating/funny and could not stop giggling about it. I kept thinking about that sketch from Little Britain.

– Went out for drinks with my super cool niece Sarah last night.

– Set up a new Skype phone and assembled two Ikea tables and a bed frame over at my brother Mike’s new place, getting totally drenched in sweat in the process.

– Went to the Apple Store with my brother David and purchased a new iPhone on a whim, proving that I am not yet entirely free from the shackles of consumerism. I am less than impressed with its performance and stability and may return it however.

– Booked my tickets for NYC on the 5th. Flying in to White Plains and will attempt to navigate mta into the city.

All in all pretty dull, n’est-ce pas?