Unchained Melody


I came across something rather funny this morning. Around the corner from where I am staying there is a little coffee shop with a sort of public sitting area out front. There are benches and plants, a kind of small and sparse urban garden. Next to one of the trees, there is a laughing Buddha. As I was looking at it, I noticed something around the feet of the Buddha. It had been chained to the tree, one assumes so that no one would take it. I find this hilarious. One of the main insights of Buddhism is that our unhappiness in life is very much tied to our attachments to things, yet here is one of its surest signs in this poor chained Buddha.


  1. Pete says:

    Ahh.. Jumpin Java… and the poor Buddha in bondage… sad part is if he wasn’t chained down he’d be gone within 6 hours of being put there… Ahh – the joys of urban living!

  2. Perhaps this is actually the lesser-known “Raise-the-Roof” Buddha? :)