S-s-s-s-san Francisco


Just got in on the bus from LA, and lordy it is cold up here. 55 degrees cold. Settled in at Troy’s house and watched a few episodes of “Swingtown” that he had saved on the TV. Between the way that Troy has decorated his apartment (stay tuned for the pics) and the TV show and the pepperoni pizza we had for dinner, I feel completely transported back to 1976, and vague feelings of child awkwardness. No matter that I am on the verge of 41.


  1. Sally at the beach says:

    HAPPY B-DAY, dear Stephen … 41, huh? the 40s are fabulous – trust me! enjoy your 4th decade … am sure your ‘vague feelings of child awkwardness’ will fade … altho I do get what you’re saying about the throwback to the 70s with Swingtown (which I find trite – only because I lived it – and as they say: been there/done that!) … pepperoni pizza is always yummy no matter which decade one is in … looking forward to seeing your friend Troy’s SF place … keep warm up there … it was a gloriously beautiful day down here at the beach — mid-70s, had lunch on the deck. Well my friend — have fun at Gay Pride Weekend! see you when you’re back this way — don’t forget to make your reservations with me at ‘Hotel Uptown’ … besos y abrazos BD-guy! Sally-at-the-Beach

  2. Eric says:

    Hi there,
    I’m sure we’ll see you this weekend, and other times during your SF visit.
    If you’re in the mood for colder climes, climb up the hill and chill (literally) at our deck.