Things I did today


– Ate a lot of not very healthy food (I am truly back in the US)

– Saw a movie (Kung-Fu Panda. Pretty sweet.)

– Got a new cellphone service number for the US

– Broke my cellphone while trying to set it up with my new service

– Spent hours tinkering trying to fix it before giving up.

– Tried on a free pair of leather pants that were way too tight.


  1. ::sigh:: Leather pants never lie. Right now, mine are hiding in the back of the closet for this very reason.

  2. Pecos Bill says:

    I can’t agree more about US food. Not sure what it is, but food in Playa del Carmen seemed just right. Food in Cabo San Lucas, however, did not. The food in PdC was probably very local whereas the CSL was trucked in considering the locale. I’m hoping the food in Puerto de Vallarta will be as good as PdC when my hubby and I go in just over a month.