There is a lot more


I only have a week to go before leaving Mexico City, and  I’m not sure if I will come back here to live after my trip to the States. Still, I have been feeling fairly pleased with myself for the number of things I have seen and experienced in Mexico City. Until today, that is. Gerardo took me to the Merced Market, which is in a part of town I hadn’t been to before. The place was amazing and enormous and I was clearly the only gringo there. As we were on our way there and moving about, I realized how much more there is to DF than the parts I have seen, wonderful though they have been. There is more of an underbelly and chaos that calls out to be explored, and this makes me want to come back. The market was the most extensive I have been to in Mexico and reminded me a lot of the enormous market on the outskirts of Bangkok.


  1. gabe says:

    Yeah, i love merced! It was my first stop in DF!

  2. Eric Yulo says:

    would love to see pictures of the market!