Gerardo and I took a trip to Tlatelolco (try to pronounce THAT) yesterday, which was fascinating for a variety of reasons.

First, we took a stroll through the massive street market there, where just about any pirated item can be found for about a dollar. It was fascinating to me how this place operates in broad daylight. In some ways it puts Bangkok to shame. Gerardo speculated that the reason they can operate in the open is that some higher ups in the government are probably involved in the piracy and need an outlet to sell the stuff.

After that, we took a stroll across the way to the Plaza de Tres Culturas, so named because it contains Aztec ruins, a Spanish colonial church, and independent Mexico’s modern constructions all in one place. It is also the site of a horrible student massacre in 1968. Check out the slideshow below, pretty interesting stuff.


  1. Red is so Gerardo’s color. Hawt! ^_^;

  2. Jose Montano says:

    I had a feeling this place would catch your fancy. Also, one of the most haunting places in Mexico City…a tragic space in which more than 400 students lost their lives in ’68. Check out “La noche de Tlatelolco” by Elena Poniatowska if you’re interested in that history.

    You’re pictures of the Plaza are awesome, btw. Also, just one small correction. It’s called la Plaza de las Tres Culturas.

    And I agree with Aman. :-)