Sweat and Seafood


So I am in Guadalajara with my new friend Chris (who I nominally know through Gabe, but we realize we probably met before in SF at Troy’s 40th birthday party 2 years ago). Chris has been playing the gracious host, showing me around the city. One thing I can tell you right away: It is a lot hotter here than in DF. Today we walked around Chris’ neighborhood a bit and then to the city center, then took a cab to a sweet neighborhood called Tlaquepaque, which used to be a separate city but has been swallowed by the growth of Guadalajara. Chris is a great fan of seafood, and we have been having our fair share of excellent camarones. My first impressions of the city are that it is fairly tranquil compared to DF (duh) and that the architecture, on balance, is far less impressive than other places in Mexico, but again I am only just starting to get acquainted with the city. Chris is also showing me around the gay scene, with trips to a couple of interesting places last night and more lined up for this evening.


  1. gabe says:

    Even if the first time you met was 2 years ago at Troy’s birthday party, you still know Chris through me. :) Glad you’re having fun in the GDL. I love it there.

  2. GUSTAVO says:

    Que padres fotos tomaste de Gdl, lastima que no pudiste conocer Chapala, que es otro lugar muy bonito.

  3. Hearing about all the food is awesome!

    But I request you hook up with Chris and write about that. I have been waiting for some man-on-man action on this blog ever since Tourettes Dude and that other guy in the museum.

    And who is Gabe and why is he so possessive? Chillax, man…