Expensive. And crap.


Travel tip to those of you unfortunate enough to have to use cell phone service in Mexico. In addition to having the highest rates in the world, the Telcel (near monopoly) network is also notoriously unreliable for sending text messages. They often arrive in a bunch, days after they were sent. That is, if they arrive at all.


  1. Daniel Ortiz says:

    Actually, Telcel is not that expensive at all… It is probably the cheapest in Latin America. If you buy a 500 pesos card you get 1000 pesos credit, and you can also choose 10 numbers that you will only pay 1 peso per minute. They have a various sort of promotions… Concerning the SMS problem, I have not experienced that, but might be…

  2. Stephen says:

    Daniel, haven’t you received my last 10 messages?!!!