Wrong about sushiMe equivoco sobre sushi


For weeks, every time one of my Mexican friends would suggest we go to a sushi restaurant, I would say “No thanks. I can get great sushi in the US.  Let’s have Mexican food.”  On occasion my friends would tell me that the sushi here was different, that this was Mexican sushi,  and I would smile indulgently as I gently steered us towards El Califa.

Was I ever wrong.  Last night we went to a place called El Japonez in the Condesa.  I have to say that the menu was more fusion than standard sushi, although there were classics on order as well. From the ribeye wrapped asparagus to the spicy white tuna rolls to the green tea ice cream, everything was delish. And the spiciness was much more local than I expected, not just your standard hot wasabi, but subtle combinations of local chilies mixed in. This really was something new.
Desde hace algunas semanas, mis amigos mexicanos me sugerían que comiéramos sushi. Cada vez yo les decía, “No Gracias. Tenemos buen sushi en los USA. Prefiero la comida mexicana.” A veces mis amigos me decían que el sushi aqui es diferente, más mexicano. Yo les sonreía, pero los dirigía hacia El Califa.

Era equivocado. Anoche fuimos a un restaurante en la condesa que se llama El Japonez. Tengo que decir que el menú fue más fusión que standard. Del sushi espárrago/ribeye al rollo de atún a el helado de té verde, toda fue delicioso.


  1. Yeah, trying new stuff is cool! Often leads to a sudden and unexpected delight. :)