Updated: WaMu sucks. Friends are great.


Ten minutes ago the FedEx guy knocks on my door with the replacement bankcard that WaMu told me this morning was misprocessed and never went out.  Not being one to hold a grudge and happy to have the card, I tried to activate it, but alas, they canceled it this morning in favor of the new one that will be here “in two days” (right). When I called them they said, “sorry”, but offered no other help. Ugh.

On the other hand, this has really shown me how sweet my freinds can be. George gave me a little money last week to tide me over, and Rocco did the same today. In addition, Gerardo offered to loan me as well. These guys give me the warm fuzzies. Thanks!


  1. Teresa Hardy says:

    Hey Stephen – Sounds like you learned a great lesson out of all this about non-dependence, emergency planning, and survival! And, most importantly, who you can count on when none of the above works out.

    Ruthbea got in touch with me recently and said you came and visited her and you guys were wondering about moi. She gave me your blog and now I’m a subscriber. She told me you were now a world-traveler so I’m excited to hear about all your adventures (adventures with lost ATM cards don’t count).