A turning point?


I sure as hell hope so.  If you haven’t seen (or read) Obama’s speech on race (and care at all) click here.  I found myself incredibly moved by the content of the speech (which I read beforehand) as well as its delivery.  This was the first time in my political memory that someone stood up to declare that not everything can be reduced to a sound-bite, that issues such as race are complex.  I have watched the political discourse in my country erode over the years to simple shouting matches with no real substance.  I have watched the news media encourage this kind of simple blather.  I have watched them avoid issues which didn’t reduce to neat mottos or phrases.  I have watched this complete disservice to the American people in order to sell more scandal and acrimony.  Obama took what could have been a crisis for his campaign and used it as a teaching moment, reaching out in a balanced and nuanced way to every American that has a stake, which is to say every American.  His speech implored us to be honest with our feelings, and honest in searching for solutions.  It appealed to the very best in all of us, and made me proud and humble at the same time.  With every step forward such as this, I have a little more hope that we can move beyond the hatred and shouting matches and towards a politics of honest dialogue.  This is why I support Obama.


  1. marites says:

    Well said. Thanks for the link. I forwarded it on to both sets of republican parents. It was too genuine and well-articulated not to. I’m re-reading his books now.

  2. closetalk says:

    are ya still in mexico? or in south america now? hmmm….!
    yep, the rev wright comments were quite a media festival, huh?! :)
    was in pittsburgh for a conference – went well! :)