La dolce vita


Yes, that is Italian not Spanish. But somehow over the last day our so we have found ourselves to be on the Italian Riviera within the Mayan Riviera. The hotel we are staying in and the one next door are both overrun with Italians, owners and guests and restaurants. They seem to love the sun much more than I do, slathering on the olive oil and laying for many hours baking in it. And the restaurant next door, although serving excellent food, is run with all the capriciousness of a New York nightclub, especially when deciding which guests will be given the “honor” of being served.

Today is the last day of our “vacation”. It seems odd to call it that, at least for me, since I have more or less been without work for the past year and a half. I have nothing I need to vacation from, and so the project of relaxing and recharging in preparation for going back to a grueling work schedule is pretty meaningless. So for me it is the last day of our voyage.