Merida vs Campeche


As long as we are into comparisons of places I have been in the last few days, let’s take the two colonial cities of the Yucatan, Merida and Campeche.  There are a great number of similarities in the architecture and layout of these cities.  Merida is much larger, and is interesting to walk around, but Campeche is much better taken care of.  Perhaps this is due to its UNESCO world heritage status or that the state oil company, PEMEX drills just offshore and showers the city with money.  Whatever the cause, Merida seems rundown and kind of sad, whereas Campeche has numerous fine public spaces that are very well maintained and a bevy of historic buildings in the center that are perfectly restored or at least very well painted and taken care of.  Campeche also has a great waterfront going for it, whereas Merida is land-locked.