Damn those sexy Brazilians


Tomorrow I catch a flight to Cancún to meet up with my buddy Arnaud who is flying in from London. We will spend the following two weeks exploring the Yucatan. I realized that I should probably have a swimsuit for the occasion and passed by a shop today that had many attractive models of swimsuit from Brazil. Unfortunately, they are made for those body perfect  bitches from Brazil. As I tried on what should have been my size, I was horrified by how small it was. Realizing that I would not have much time before my flight tomorrow morning to search anew, I settled on a larger (but still tiny-seeming) model.

Be forwarned: As heavy on the photo documentation as this blog is, I will be enforcing a total news blackout on any and all images of me in said swimsuit.


  1. Mom says:

    I bet you look wonderful in that swimsuit!