Notes on Oaxaca


Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca – This place is a must in Oaxaca. The architecture of the restored convent is beautiful and the collection is fascinating.

Big damn breakfast – They seem to eat a lot for breakfast here. Yesterday’s in particular was big and meaty and heavy.

Chocolate – Oaxaca is known for their chocolate and Rocco and I bought some vanilla, cinnamon and almond flavored varietes by the market today.

Atole – This drink is found all over Mexico, but I had the most amazing pecan flavored one at breakfast this morning by the Zocalo.

Mitla -There is still left some pretty amazing carving in the ruins of Zapotec temples that the Spanish prompty destroyed and used the pieces to built a church on the site.

Hierve el Agua – It took about an hour on a rocky road to get to this place of  sulfur springs falling over the rocks. Eh. I could live without it.

Los Danzantes – This restaurant was beautifully designed and had fantastic food. The only thing that made it less than perfect was that there seemed to be no actual Mexican people dining there.