Travel tip: Insurance


For those of you out there traveling for long periods of time outside the US (or inside for that matter) I highly recommend getting yourself some travel health insurance.  It will cover things like emergency evacuation and repatriation, as well as normal health care costs when outside the US (and sometimes inside).  The best site I have found for buying this insurance is Seven Corners.  I just bought my second insurance plan from them (the first was for last year in India).  It is very easy to choose your options, fill out the online form and printout your insurance card instantly. I am also pretty damn impressed by how reasonable the rates are.  It is quite a bit less expensive than regular health coverage in the US, and there doesn’t seem to be much missing from the plans (that I would need anyway). The only thing I am unsure of (and hope to remain unsure of) is the difficulty of reimbursement.  Let’s hope I never have to write that part of the review, but the peace of mind of having health insurance is pretty grand in principle.


  1. Gabe says:


    I also like – have bought insurance through them (including 7Corners) for the past 3 years (important, I agree, given my travel patterns). The thing I like most about their site is the comparison stuff.

    FWIW, my last two years worth of multi-trip medical/evac insurance (a good deal if you do a lot of <30 day trips) has been the Patriot insurance.