Over it


Really.  Feeling much better today. Let’s face it, it is part and parcel of being human to experience these moods from time to time.  I have had way fewer of them in the past couple of years than at previous times in my life and they have been much more short-lived and mild when I do have them.  And to put it bluntly, they are bullshit, aroused by things that do not matter.  And no matter the variety of the situation, they are always caused by the same damn thing.  Being out of phase with the present.  Projecting into the future or the past, neither of which exist.  It is a human tendency I know, but if I have learned anything in the past year and a half it is that now is all we have in a very real sense.  It is not that we do not plan for the future, but obsessing about a state that one can do nothing about in the present is a recipe for unhappiness.  And there are techniques to combat these feelings when they arise that seem to work pretty well (for me at least).

Try the following the next time you are experiencing an unspecified feeling of anxiety, of being down or blue or whatever you want to call it.  Sit quietly, with your eyes closed, and focus on the physical manifestation of your feeling.  Really search your body for the physical feelings, not the emotional ones.  As you hone in on whatever sensations your body has (perhaps a shortness of breath, perhaps a tightness in the chest or stomach) and really observe these sensations, you will find that they disappear.  They are elusive, created by our emotional states and worth nothing at all.  They are anxiety about things we have no control over.  They are anxiety about the states of our ego. They are outside the realm of being and the present, and they are obstacles to our happiness. Chalk one up to lessons in meditation.