Do you know the way to Santa Fe?


Rocco and I took a trip out to a crazy suburb of Mexico City called Santa Fe.  According to Rocco, it is where the wealthiest of people in this part of Mexico call home.  Many cities of the world have built places like these.  Huge conglomerations of massive buildings that are self contained communities.  Ultimately I find these places to be the antithesis of city and community, and don’t much care for them.  But the architecture is often fascinating, both the good and the bad. Because each building is essentially its own neighborhood and is free standing, they lack a strong conception of context.  Mostly they are self referential, or refer to an international set of architectural motifs.  They are sculptures that may be beautiful or ugly, but not too many of them seem to value the human interaction and community that happens in a neighborhood as there is no real “street” life.  For children in particular I feel bad since they have no means of transport (a car for example), and nowhere to go without it.  There is no fabric that binds each of these self contained worlds to each other or the outside world.