Metta Bhavana en Español


Today I went to my first drop-in meditation at the Buddhist Center here in Mexico City.  Although not understanding all of the words our guide was using, I did get that today’s meditation was a Metta Bhavana, which I was pretty familiar with from my time at Igatpuri. With all the noise from the street and construction going on in the building, it wasn’t the most focused meditation I ever had, but I still left feeling pretty at peace. The center itself is really lovely and just a short walk from my place.

From Random DF


  1. closetalk says:

    happy v-day, amigo :)
    peace and luv, the buddhist way, in sunny mexico… IS it sunny down there? it’s freezing weather up HERE! *sigh*
    i miss bombay. :)

  2. Kelly says:

    Hey Stephen–
    Just been catching up with your travels. I do enjoy seeing and reading about where you are and what you are eating! Pity you can’t add sounds and smells to the experience!
    Love, Kelly :-)