Camino to Cancún


In a little over 2 weeks, I am meeting my friend Arnaud (remember him?) in Cancún so that we can travel the Yucatán Peninsula for two glorious weeks. I have been thinking that while, sure, I could fly there directly from Mexico City, it would be ever so much more interesting and fun to take a week or so to get there, seeing a lot of stuff along the way. To that end I have been trying to plan a trip this morning. I have set a few general rules for myself:

1. Travel by deluxe or first class bus to make the ride more enjoyable. Sadly, Mexico no longer has a passenger train system (and never really had one going to all the places I wish to go), but at least the upscale buses are quite a bit less pricey than flying.  Also, having been in Mexico a little while now, I feel much more comfortable with the state of the roads, quality of driving, and taking buses than I have in the past.

2. Never take a single bus trip longer than 7 hours. This helps me to avoid killing myself or someone else.

3. See interesting things that are new (to me). This one is easy, there is a ton of stuff to choose from.  The only potential problem is that Cancún is fairly high up on the Yucatán Peninsula, and thus the longest bus trip will probably be the last one. I want to avoid seeing too much in the Yucatán as Arnaud and I will be seeing it together.

So. Anybody out there have some “not to miss” suggestions for things in between here and there, keeping all of the above items in mind?

On a related note, while there is a multi-company bus website for planning and buying tickets, it does not work in anything other than Internet Explorer on the PC.  There is a special place in Hades for people that design sites like this.