Gay debutante


Some new friends took me to a gay party in the neighborhood last night. It was a lot of fun and really interesting to see what gay life is like here, especially after spending a year in Asia.  It could not have been more different.  The rare parties that I would go to in India were very closed affairs.  Usually when talking to people there one would see how incredibly afraid they were to be public in any way.  They would tell stories of their family “duty” and plans for marriage. They would talk about how unimportant it was to be able to live openly.  There were a few rare exceptions of course, and I think these people are very brave (and necessary).  Here in Mexico, attending this party was a completely different feeling.  It was lively and open and I doubt there was anyone in attendance who felt the need to be particularly discreet.  Everyone was very friendly and although such environments are a huge challenge when trying to speak Spanish (because of the chaos and noise), I felt very comfortable and welcome.  Mexico has a reputation for being a culture of machismo, and perhaps this is true in many areas, but it also seems a culture that is changing rapidly in this regard.