Día de la Candelaria


Feb 2 is a big celebration in Mexico, and a big holiday weekend. Many cities hold a kind of carnival festival, and Julio, Mauricio and I went out to Tepoztlan and Tlayacapan to partake in the festivities. These places were packed with people screaming and shouting and bouncing around (called “brinco” dancing). I tried in vain to figure out the logic of these celebrations. I kept asking Julio tons of questions that had no real answers. In essence, people set off a lot of loud boom fireworks, dance a drunken jig through the streets before arriving (miraculously) at some main square. There, they wait for some unknown signal (like more fireworks) and dance some more. It is hard to tell exactly, but there seemed to be competing churches in town, each with their own band, costumes and followers, all parading through the streets to the main square for a kind of dance off. It was pretty amazing. Add to that the delicious food and carnival rides, and you have one hell of a party.