Random Notes, Mexico City


– Maybe it is just the time of the year.  Maybe it is again relative to where I was last year. But the much discussed horrible air pollution of Mexico City is, well, missing. The air is MUCH cleaner than cities of comparable or smaller size I have been to in the past year. I’m thinking of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangkok, Xian, and even Paris just to name a few that have much more polluted air. Maybe this will change as Summer approaches, but for now it is pretty clean and the skies are definitely blue.

– I just went to drop of a couple pairs of pants for alterations and had reverse sticker shock (the good kind). Two hem jobs and new buttons on a pair of pants will set me back roughly 5 dollars.  I suspect this would have been more in Neuva York (although now that I think about it, less in India).

– I think  the altitude takes a little more adjusting to that I had expected. I seem to get out of breath easily here.

– My neighborhood is full of nice buildings, both new and old. It definitely seems like the place to be.


  1. closetalk says:

    hehe… the pics are pretty cool, o intrepid traveller! :)
    glad ure having FUN!
    mmmm.. i LOVE mexican food, though if i had my way, i’d reduce the cheesy/fatty element and up the spice quotient! hehehe.