It’s all relative


I’ve only been in Mexico for three days, but already I notice a bunch of things that are different in my perception from the last time I was here. I can’t help comparing Mexico to India of course, since that is where I spent most of the last year. But what is shocking to me is how amazingly developed Mexico seems to me compared to my visit a couple of years ago. I remember visiting Mexico city when I was still living in LA and while loving it,¬† feeling a vague sense of unease from the differences in infrastructure and culture. This time around, and after a year in India, Mexico so far seems calming, recognizable and culturally very much more familiar. The infrastructure here (roads, sidewalks, metros, public parks, toilets, etc) seems very much taken care of and solid. That sense of chaos and unease is totally gone. The extremes represented by India seem to have erased my previous perceptions. Sure, there are tons of cultural differences, and these are what I have come to explore, from the language to the food to the history. But it feels so much more welcoming than before, so much more familiar. I guess it really is all relative.