Ser Humano


To be human. And boy am I ever feeling human right now, in the sense that humans sometimes get food poisoning. Ouch, I haven’t felt this bad since the last bout in Dharamsala. This is part of the terrain of the intrepid traveler though (especially the places I go), and I would rather be here than not. I suppose it could be a combination of things really. The altitude, adjusting to the food, going on a rather intense hike yesterday, trying pulque or pozole for the first time. The worst of it seems to be over though. I started feeling sickly early this morning and so we came back from our little trip to Tepoztl├ín (see next post for info on this totally delightful little town, food poisoning not withstanding). My new roommate Julio is really taking good care of me though, bringing me medicine and water and anything else I need. He is a total sweetheart. I hope he doesn’t get the idea that I am all fragile and stuff.