Palm Beach


Yvonne took me on a little car trip up the coast to Palm Beach. There is some crazy money up that way. Not really my cup of tea, but all beautifully appointed and definitely worth seeing. We did stop in for a bit of luxury at The Breakers for lunch, and I have to say the food was amazing (and priced accordingly).


  1. Mom says:

    Great photos.

    Of course, I remember when the Breakers wouldn’t have allowed a Jew to cross their threshhold……

  2. Kelly says:

    Hi Stephen!
    Be sure to give Vonnie and Walt hugs from us.
    Your pictures are beautiful. We drove by The Breakers when we were there, but didn’t go in. Wow, what a place! I found driving around some of the residential areas somewhat depressing–brought home the reality that money does not buy taste. Kept thinking that if these people could be happy with a $5 million home rather than a $10 million home, they could spend that $5 million difference on making the world a better place.