One of the places I have always loved going in New York is the Museum of Modern Art. From the time I was a child and was brought here by my parents, to when I was an architecture student (mmmkaay, Scott?) living here in the late 80s, to my various visits back to the city, I always loved how MoMA would present an inspiring mix of ideas that cut across painting, sculpture, photography, video and design. MoMA for me has always been as Tiffany’s was to Holly Golightly: A place where nothing bad could happen to you. I hadn’t been back in probably 5 years and wandering around there for a few hours was pure pleasure. The new building pulls off that most difficult balancing act necessary for a museum: It manages to be both beautiful to look at in its own right and a place that doesn’t get in the way of displaying the work.


  1. Mom says:

    What happened to the software that recognized me by my computer?

    Anyway–loved your pictures, especially of MOMA. We took Sarah and Bert shortly after it reopened, and we loved the redo.

    Your pictures remind me why New York is my favorite city….


  2. Lovely shot! Will you be visiting the Cooper-Hewitt too? That was always a favorite of mine.