Here, hold this…


Josh, Gabe and I had a fantastic dinner at a place called Trestle last night, after which we went to the Eagle for a drink, met a really dull 28 year old Italian guy (who could have passed for 45), walked around squinting like crazy trying to make out the faces of people, decided to take our leave, trotted down to a club called Hiro(which was cute with good music), noticed that the line at the coat check was crazy long, and feeling a bit lazy and non-committal, we carried our winter coats around the club, looking somewhat silly, drinking and chatting a bit before deciding that we were in fact pumpkins and heading home.

Josh just told me to remember to add the part about the bitter, freezing cold wind.


  1. Awww… it all makes me miss NYC …except for the bitter, freezing cold wind!

  2. Fauzi says:

    Hiro – I went there once when I was in NYC – it was pretty cool :) So where do all the chelsea boys go now after Roxy closed down? I miss NYC soooo much! ( wiping tears off my eyes )