Kickin’ it in NYC


Thanks to my cousin Josh, I got to fulfill a childhood dream: to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall! Ok, perhaps it wasn’t a childhood dream exactly, but I do remember hearing about the famous Rockettes all the while growing up. To my young kid self growing up in the boring old Midwest, they represented something uniquely New York and big city, a kind of innocent American Classic of another era. Being in the season, we went to see the “Christmas Spectacular“. It was a kitschy delight, with amazing dance numbers and many encores of that famous line of synchronized, high kicking, Rockette leg action. Although most of the dance numbers were very old fashioned, Busby Berkeley inspired routines, there was some pretty amazing technology present as well. There was a lot of CG on the back screen and some impressive 3d going on too. They for some reason felt the need to insert the story of baby Jesus at the end, something that made it distinctly less secular, but what the hell, it was still an amazing show.

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  1. Well it is called a “Christmas Spectacular,” not a “Holiday Spectacular” after all and seems to fit into the whole “innocent American classic of another era.”

    Speaking of another era, just 20 years ago did you know:

    “The Rockettes did not allow African-Americans into the dance line until 1987.[1] The justification for the policy against hiring African-Americans was that they would distract from the consistent look of the dance group[2]”

    1. Rock of Ages by ADAM COHEN, September 28, 2003
    2. New York Day by Day; A Shift at the Music Hall By LAURIE JOHNSTON AND SUSAN HELLER ANDERSON, NYT, March 30, 1983

  2. Mom says:

    There’s no place like New York! And Radio City Music Hall is a once-in-a-lifetime (okay, maybe twice or three times) experience!

    Give Josh a big hug for me…