The concept of home


I believe this is the longest time I have spent in Indianapolis since I first left in 1985. It has been great seeing the family and getting reacquainted with the city. It is a far different place than the one that I left over 20 years ago. The city has grown up a bit (as have I). It is a lot more culturally diverse and interesting than it seemed to me so long ago. It still doesn’t feel like “home” to me, but then what place does? When people ask me where “home” is, I reply with a blank stare. If it is just a question of scale, I could say the Earth. Earth definitely feels like home.

Then again, home is a feeling and not a place at all. I feel “home” at the Thanksgiving table. I feel “home” when talking politics with my family. I feel “home” when giggling with my nieces and nephews. I feel “home” when I am with friends sharing a great dinner. I feel “home” when I am walking on a beautiful day in a remote or familiar place. I feel “home” when I am confronted with a new idea. I feel “home” when I am laughing. There are many physical locations that I have this feeling, although I am not bound to any of them. Mostly I feel “home” when I am in the present.


  1. closetalk says:

    feel like singing “moonriver….” now :)

  2. Whenever I hear “Moonriver” I always think of Carrie and Mr. Big dancing together in his empty apartment right before he moves out of NYC. ::sigh::

    If you re-read this post replacing the word “home” with “homo,” it is freakin’ laugh-out-load hilarious! No kidding, try it! :)

  3. Stephen says:

    I may just have to change the title to “The Concept of Homo”…

  4. Mom says:

    I can solve this problem. Home is where your mother is.