Seatbelts bring out the kooky Libertarian in my parents


My parents, I have noticed since being back, have a strong aversion to wearing seat belts, and an even stronger aversion to seat belt laws. So much so that they routinely get cited and have had to pay numerous fines.  They feel quite strongly that seatbelt laws infringe heavily on their personal freedom and that the social (and other) cost arguments for their existence are completely bogus. Nevermind that actually wearing seatbelts is statistically much safer than not wearing them.

For my part, in the grand scheme of things, I can put up with wearing them. It isn’t such a big deal. And it is safer. I think there are much better battles to pick in showing civil disobedience. Then again, I don’t own a car or drive much.


  1. Mom says:

    Your “kooky libertarian” parents have each been ticketed ONCE for failure to buckle up. And we wear the damn things routinely now, much as they annoy us.

    Try to contain your expansive notion of reality…

  2. Stephen says:

    Um, if by “wear the damn things routinely” you mean once in a blue moon, then perhaps so. I guess it depends on what “is” is. :)

  3. Explain to your parents that in a serious accident, the flying bodies of unsecured passengers are a mechanism of injury to others. Is their desire to not wear their seatbelts a good reason for them to potentially maim or kill another passenger?

    An instructive video on this subject.

  4. closetalk says:

    hehehe. i luv ure mum’s response!!!!

  5. I feel kinda naked without a seatbelt. It’s been the law forever in California. I’m not used to *not* wearing them.