An Indian in Indiana


My friend Rahul (from Mumbai, but now studying in Ohio) came to visit for a couple of days while on break from school. I have been playing tour guide and showing him around the great city of Indianapolis. Since it is Thanksgiving weekend and the family is in town, I invited him to join in our yearly family traditions of hanging out and hitting the gay bars. A good time was had by all as my brother and cousins and various partners and friends hit the dance floor at Greg’s just a few blocks from home.


  1. Tom F says:

    Indianapolis has looked exactly like that picture every time I have been there. I have always gone to that part of downtown with the backdrop of that solid white sky. It might rain, it might not, but you are not likely to see the sun on the day that was taken. Not much color. Ah the gray midwestern days remind me of my childhood …

  2. Have you heard that new version of “What were the skies like when you were growing up? …Uh… gray and monotonous.” It’s freakin’ hilarious!