Bye Bye, LA LA


I am leaving on a flight early tomorrow for Denver. It has been almost a month here, and it has flown by. I leave LA with better feelings about this city than before. Whether it is because I am a changed man, or that I am not working (much), or that I am not looking for the same things in LA, the city has seemed much more welcoming and warm. The city has appeared less hard edged, less angry.

Could I ever live here again? Only time will tell. But the present moment is not ripe to make such determinations. I am off to take stock of a few more things, test a few more waters and gather a few more experiences. See you soon lala, and thanks.


  1. Mo says:

    P.S. “Lala” is the Southern California equivalent to “Frisco.” But that’s okay, I still love you ;-) Oh, and in case you ever become a rapper (who knows – stranger things have happened), you have to promise to never call it “Cali.” Never. Ever. Ever!

  2. closetalk says:

    hehehe. stephen and his suitcase. there’re a million novels and goodbyes and hellos there. :)

  3. “Whether it is because…” What if whatever answer you choose is the right one. :)