The past year comes to town.


By funny coincidence two of the amazing people I met in the past year (Jaume from Mumbai and Jeff from KL) are both going to be in LA in the next few days. It will be interesting to see them here in another place and time. Will they be different, or will I? Will the fact of being back in this (my?) culture and surroundings make our interactions different? The answers to these questions are always both yes and no. Why do I even bother to pose them? I guess because I find fascination in our changing natures through time and place.

I have realized a few things since coming back to the US that involve the “stickiness” of what I have learned over the past year. Some lessons, once learned, will stay with you for all time. But others need tending to like a plant, or they will wither. A way of being and a presence is a precious and somewhat fragile thing if not looked after. It needs constant practice to keep it real.