Odd Jobs


What with the whole productivity thing, and my recent travels and desire to find the best fit for my particular talents, I (with help from my friends) have come up with a few ideas for career opportunities that clearly work for me. Part one of a series.

Paid Party Guest

Let’s face it, I’d be perfect for this. I am well traveled, speak several languages, am a good story teller, and have a good sense of humor. I will be able to intelligently discuss subjects as diverse as the perfect dhosa, Cassavetes, identity politics and home networking setups.

But how to get going with this profession? How do I get my first hire? Word of mouth? An ad on the internet? Perhaps I will put myself on eBay or Craigslist and let the bids roll in. I could include photos of myself in some smart party attire (covering a range from Nick and Nora to Stussy). Of course there will be links to this blog, CV, and references to complete the picture.

For each “assignment”, I’ll need to know a little about the attendees and perhaps brush up on a subject or two.  And I’ll be completely honest with prospective clients about my level of expertise.

“You want to discuss existentialism, SATC, vipassana, and the perfect salad? Count me in!”

“You want me to talk about college football? Um, who gave you this number?”


  1. Mom says:

    If you get this going, count me in!