Icky Yucky Poo


As I was going through what few possessions I have here and trying to determine what to take back with me and what to throw or give away, I came across this little item, a gift from my mother before I left the States:

imageHer point, while humorous, had some validity to it. (Never mind that most of the toilets here are of the squat variety and thus have no seat.) A year ago and more, I was a clean freak of some renown among my friends and family. Am I less so today after a year in Asia and contact with toilets such as these? Like the minimalism and simplicity I try to cultivate in all areas of my life, I enjoy a minimal amount of dirt, that much is true. But I don’t freak out if such is not the case. I note the reality, hold my breath, and concentrate on the task at hand. And sometimes, I take a picture.