Jodhpur to Udaipur


Let’s see, yesterday we walked around the old, blue city of Jodhpur, which was cool; met a young man named Jeetu who showed us around a bit and invited us to have tea with his grandmother; she offered Olaf something unpasteurized (which he tried causing a mild panic in him); later a spice merchant taught us how to tell the difference between fake and real saffron; we left Jodhpur this morning after our hotel tried to charge us double the agreed upon price (DON’T stay at Pal Haveli. The rooms are nice but they are shady cheaters); Stopped along the way to see Ranakpur; had our car almost break down several times; and finally landed at our hotel in Udaipur with an AMAZING view.


  1. livinghigh says:

    i LOVE the rajasthan pics! hehehe
    hey, i emailed u my phone number here – so when u get to indiana, gimme a buzz, and we’ll try to meet up. :)