Jaipur and Amber


Although there are of course some architectural standouts, Jaipur was interesting more from a urban planning perspective than anything else. (The fabric shopping is about the best I’ve seen in India so far if you are into that sort of thing though.) The city grid plan laid down in the 17th century is unlike any other city in India. It is unfortunate that most of the urban architecture from the time is crumbling, even as the city goes about restoring major landmarks.

From Jaipur

Today we took a side trip 11km outside the city to visit Amber, the former capital, which was beautiful. The quality of the architecture had me wondering why the Raja moved the capital to Jaipur with such a gem already in his possession. Amber feels much more majestic and the architecture was more impressive than Jaipur. It was swarming with tourists though, which did detract just a little bit.

From Amber


  1. marites says:

    Ooo Ooo – don’t miss the observatory thingy place – agh – what’s it called – jantar mantar?
    an amazing sculptural architectural wonder…