Tale of Two Hotels


Before leaving Gwalior, we had a leisurely lunch in the modest restaurant of our hotel, The Shelter.  It was 3pm and we were ready for checkout, figuring that we had plenty of time to catch our 3:45 train as the station was only 5 minutes away. Upon checkout, the hotel told us we had to have some voucher even though we had prepaid online and the site we had booked through said no such thing in their confirmation email to us (which we had a copy of). We argued with them for several minutes, and then they turned hostile with us, yelling and going so far as to hide Olaf’s luggage in their office to try to prevent us from leaving! It was 3:35 and our train was leaving in 10 minutes. I found Olaf’s bag, grabbed Olaf (who for some inexplicable reason continued to discuss the matter with them) and we made a bank robber type getaway– barely making our train to Jaipur. All this hassle from a hotel whose rooms look like something out of the Amityville Horror and whose hallways smell of urine and smoke.

Contrast this with the wonderful Bhim Vilas in Jaipur. This place is amazing and I highly recommend it. It is more like a boutique hotel than a B and B, with beautifully designed rooms and common areas. The place is a great deal and is spotless. They just opened this year and they are not yet very busy due to newness and lack of any PR. The owners are sweet as could be and have really made staying in Jaipur a treat.