Gwalior is a dump of a town, but the fort is somewhat interesting. Would I recommend that people go out of there way to come here? Not by a long shot. If you happen to be in the area, come see the fort. The only mildly interesting thing I found about the town are the very odd Mad Max looking rickshaws they have here to serve as public transport. Otherwise, it is just choking pollution everywhere.

We are heading off to Rajasthan tomorrow evening, first stop Jaipur.

From Gwalior


  1. troy says:

    Visit Amber Fort – 11km outside Jaipur.

  2. marites says:

    Gwalior is where Keith and I landed in a panic after we got on the wrong train. We were so flustered, we never even saw the fort. We learned our best travel/life lesson here when we walked into the train station office and met a man who owned a travel business, 3 blocks from our house in Berkeley. He taught us that things are rarely as bad as they seem, and about gratitude.

    We had amazing meals in Jaipir..can you sleep in a Rajasthani palace…will you get to Udaipur?

    I second the Amber Fort Visit – incredible spaces. I’ve always regretted my one chance to ride an elephant there.

    see you soon…

  3. mom says:

    Did you follow the guy on the moped with the plywood?? Did he crash??