I get mishti, just holding your hand…


Had another photo essay published in the NST today. (You’ve seen the pics before, but here is a link to the collection I pulled together for them.)

In other news, Olaf and I take the overnight train to Varanasi tonight, leaving from Howrah station. (I am hoping to stop somewhere and pick up some Kolkata mishti for the ride.) Looking forward to all the colorful freakiness that Varanasi is. Bhaskar’s aunt (the palm reader, remember?) warned me not to go unless I want to be swept away by my spiritual side. She thinks I may well become a saddhu and never leave.

Today Olaf and I wandered a little around New Market and took some pics near our hotel. I added them to the most recent album, click on the pic below to see the whole thing.


  1. mom says:

    I think your next career is clearly as a writer–whether as a photojournalist, travel book writer or other genre…but I can tell you from experience, the pay won’t come close to what you made as a techie.