Sweating the details


It is hoooooottttt and swetttttty out today. Olaf is seeming slightly shell-shocked by the chaotic Indian street, but is adjusting slowly. I am very glad we are booked in to the Park Hotel, whose service btw is the best I have ever seen in India. (But then again, this is the most I have ever paid for a room in India, so there you are.)

We have semi-finalized our plans for where to go after Kolkata. We head to Varanasi on Saturday for a few days and then over to Khajuraho, Gwalior, possibly Agra (if the riots there abate), and on to a city or two in Rajasthan before heading back to Mumbai.


  1. My friend Julie is in the middle of a 6 week trip through India for her dissertation right now. She just arrived in Bangalore for the the second leg of her tour, to study temples in northern Karnataka and Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu.

    Not sure where she goes after that, but perhaps you two will cross paths on your travels.