Parked and waiting for Olaf


So my pal Olaf arrives from Germany tonight. We will spend the next few weeks traipsing across India on our way to Mumbai. I booked us a room for three nights at the Park Hotel in Kolkata. It is super ritzy (and pricey), but I got a very good internet deal and decided to go for it. The location can’t be beat. I wanted a little bit of luxury for a couple of days and was also somewhat worried about Olaf’s inevitable India culture shock and wanted to ease him in a bit. Our room is fabu and I am lovin’ the AC and other comforts (with total Buddhist non-attachment, of course).


  1. Kelly says:

    Hey Bro! I’ve been catching up on your travels. You have had yourself a pretty amazing experience with more to come! It will be great to see you at Thanksgiving.

  2. Larry says:

    Olaf, get out of there while you still can!!(just kidding) I miss you babe, and enjoy hearing about your travels. Stephen this site is inspiring,the photo images are great and the stories ain’t bad either! Take good care of the German boy and make sure he doesn’t pet any of the cows. Much love, Larry