On the other hand…


We went to visit Bhaskar’s aunt yesterday evening. She is an astrologer and palmist, so we had our palms read for fun. Here are some of the predictions for me:

– I will have right leg pain in later life. (see previous post)

– I will benefit from a financial windfall “very soon”. This windfall will come to me in an unexpected way, without any work on my part. Cool! (Mo, did you buy our lotto ticket yet?)

– I will either be a famous actor, or deeply spiritual. Or both.

– I will live in the western part of some continent where it gets cold in the winter. (SF? London? I guess this leaves out Bombay…)


  1. Mo says:

    I did buy the tix – not sure if we won yet, but you’ll be the first to know!!!

  2. Mom says:

    I’m reading your palm from far away….I see you coming home…staying…staying….

  3. livinghigh says:

    hehehe.. “go home, gora”????
    o, by de way, my thanksgiving NYC trip is probly not happening – bro may not be able to get visa in time. boohoohooo.

  4. livinghigh says:

    and secondly, i AM blogging abt some of de stuff happening here – just not de cultural paradigm shift u’d predicted for me. :) read de blog – de OTHER blog. :)